Yamuna Devi


Yamuna Devi was a pillar in my discovery of my voice, and in the constant courage that took. She and I spent much time together, beginning when I was a child and she was our cooking teacher. What an art she made it! The entire expression was a meditation, and the consciousness had to be no where else except the kitchen and the present moment.

Later, when I was in college, I requested her to let me sing and record with her. She was reluctant for years, until we decided to try and in the time I spent with her in her home to record, I felt like I had found a female Guru and guide. She opened my heart to courage and depth. Her voice and her giving heart, were…. She would encourage me, and guide me, and in the process, I found such a lifetime Acharya.

Thank you Yamuna Devi for believing in me!

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