To my Acharyas, I owe everything.

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Though I was born in Idaho, to western parents, I was raised since a toddler in the Indian traditions of the Vedic ways. First and foremost, and of the highest importance, in the Vedic tradition, is the importance of taking a teacher, and the awareness of love and respect that enters deep within our developing heart at this time. It is the opening, the surrender that allows the teacher, the elders, the Gurus, to plant a seed that deeply imports all the previous teachers to enter our making, our being, our tangible manifestations.

At a very young age, this awareness was impressed into my heart. I have grown to acknowledge these teachers, this rare and sincere relationship, as I have been blessed with many of them in my life. I have a deep appreciation for the ‘recipe’ of who I am because of their gracious time and commitment to my nurturing and blossoming. From my Musical Gurus, to my grandmother to my teachers who showed me how to live a life of more satvic energy, to my cooking teachers, I give respects to them before taking credit for anything. I cannot say that I have any qualities in front of them, for I am simply the sprout of their beloved ‘molding’ and I pray to try to always keep their loving hands of direction and teachings marked on my heart…in whatever it is I do. I wish deeply that the Western world could see the amazing and sincere relationship of Guru, not as one of negative surrender and loss of identity or freedom, but of one that is of gratitude; that someone will promise to hand down to you all the knowledge, all they know, all the secrets of the previous alchemists…be that of music, sadhana, or any other means of true transformation. For it is only in the proper structure of a foundation that we know how to build the rest of our character.

To my acharyas, I owe everything.