Gratitude & Pranams


I would like to thank my “community family” for being such a vital part of the completion of my album “Dasi”. I could not have done it without you all.

Firstly, I would like to thank my dear mother: Kunti. You are always alive in my heart and in these women’s words. This was your wish, and I hope you like it.

prabhuTo Srila Prabhupada, you opened our eyes and hearts together through your gentle ways and precise vision. You gave us these prayers and allowed us entrance into their deepest meanings. You are the thread that weaves us together. Thank you.


To Sri Radha Raman the Lord of my life. Thank You for allowing me to serve you.

To my Sangeet Gurus; Pandit Vidur Malik and Tarun Krsna Das. You taught me to sing; to share this love of Krsna with the world (through music). Tarun Krsna, thank you for all the patient hours of training and the song of Meerabai.

fatehTo Swami Fateh Krsna, your genuine sincerity and love for Krsna opened my heart so that I could again come back to know the sweetness of the Lord. Swamiji, I owe this album’s success to you. You brought me life again through your ways, and have changed my life more than you will ever know. Your wife Jiji, and sons Radhakant, Ravikant and Prem Dhan replicate your beauty. Thank you all.

To Paramatma, the Lord in my heart. Your guidance and support made this project possible in perfect ways.

I would especially like to thank Padmanabh Goswami, Saroj, Chandan, Nanadan and Eka. How do you put into words the family love we have… Thank you for opening your hearts and home to me so genuinely. Thank you for the rescue mission.

To Uttamasloka and his unbelievably loving wife Anika for six weeks of pure prema bhakti. Your house was a spiritual resting place (for the heart and voice) to mix, and bring forth this music in joy. The cooking was always fun, and you brought back the real meaning of living bhagavatam on a daily basis. Thank you for the unbelievable production, mixing, mastering, and all the laughs too. You brought this all together under one roof.

To Anuraag Ware, your musical talent and ideas made the songs of Devaki and Kunti shine with joy. You, are a hidden talent. Your wife Priya and her family gave your days and hearts to this project. Thank you all. Govind, thank you for your addition to Devaki and Kunti, and introducing me to Anuraag.

To the first generation of devotee musicians that taught me the joy kirtan and bhajans: Visnujana Swami, Baradraj, Yamuna Devi, Mother Yamini, Agni dev and Vaiyasaki. You were all my first teachers. What a treat.

To Badahari Prabhu: you made Yamunastakam sound like magic. You represent the perfect Vaisnava and example of Brahminical qualities for me in our society. I feel so honored to be able to work with you.

To Havi for your lovely contribution to arranging Gopi Gita.

To John Walmsley for your excellent mandolin.

My dear Gurukuli friends have shared their talents so that this was a production done in part by the second generation of musicians and artist. Yuddhi, those tabla hands of yours are excellent, you made Pingala possible. I can’t thank you enough for being my music friend. We share the best stuff together.
Shiva, your drumming is “ek dumm!” precise and simply perfect. Maddy, thanks for all the loving encouragement you have always shared with me.
Gauravani, your harmonium is better than Nusat’s and your creative ideas genius. Thank you for always sharing your great smile as we sing.
Chaitanya Nitai, your rhythm is superb and vocal talent so sweet. Thank you for sharing your beauty.
Manjari, I find myself speechless in light of your amazing voice. Thank you for the hours of perfecting the vocals and harmonies of Gopi Gita.
Manjari, sister and friend. Thank you for coming down from San Francisco to add your beautiful voice to the lush harmonies of Gopi Gita. Thank you for sharing the song Jai Radhe!

Mahalaksmi, Shakuntala, Anika and Vishnurati: thank you for coming to make Draupadi sound so beautiful. Mahaprabhu, thanks for your friendship and all the rides to and from the valley.

To you dear Sakhya. Your talent is incredible. Your design and layout are simply perfection. Thank your for the great “communication” skills we learned and laughing through it all.

To Judith Schimpf. My Antioch professor, who allowed me to jump through all the loop holes so I could do this as a University project. You’re the best co-op advisor I could have wished for. I hope you approve.

To K. Prashant, thank you for your constant love and inspiration.

To Narottam Ananda for introducing me to the art of singing Dhrupad and beginning my interest in studying classical music. Your Bombay hospitality is filled with perfection; I hope you’ll play this one, even though its not classical.

To my other mother; Kutila. Thank you for always encouraging me in the ashram to sing the kirtans and teaching us the prayers of Kunti. You started this!

To my dear Angel Heart Man and Sister Piety. You both make me realize what it is to go after my dreams. Your encouragement is always backed by actual support. You a rare souls.

To “your blissfulness”, Hridayanada Goswami, for translating Yamunastakam and helping me to get this CD known. Your service attitude is so reflective of your Guru, Srila Prabhupada.

To Robyn Beech, your love, gentleness and beautiful photography are un-comparable. Thank you for allowing ne to share your genuine heart.

Micheal Duffy, thank you for your words of wisdom.

To Laksmi, your photography is perfect. Thank you for getting up to New Delhi in a flash so that we could have your photography to grace these pages. The beauty of these images are because of you.

To Das and Anapayani, your day of photography made the cover. Thank you Ani for your mudras.

To Purnima, my dearest childhood friend: for sharing your beauty and grace. Thank you for showing the strength and gentle grace of a woman. I always promised you in the Ashram that if I got a chance, I would share all I had with you. Thank you for being so silently beautiful.

To my lovely family in Kanpur: Papa, Mommy, Atul, Vaneet and Prerna. Thank you for teaching me the wonderful song of Draupadi and caring for me all these years in India. You’ve been a wonderful family.

To Naranarayan, Shakuntala, and the Zakhiem family. You have been my biggest supporters and encouragement. You make me feel loved. Shakuntala you’re my biggest encourager, thank you.

To Atreya Rsi and his wife Carrie, for sponsoring my education and there by allowing me to do this.

To my dear most friend Krsna Devata, you are my sister in every way. From the day we spread the ashes of our family members in Yamuna together, you have been my strength.

To my dear Seva Priya, your care packages and calls got me through doing this without any financial backing or sponsorship. Please keep calling!
To the many mothers of my community that let me know I am always in their hearts. Mother Vidya, Yamini, Jai Sri, Manjari, Karta, Rukmini, Sister Piety, Krodhashamani and so many others. Please forgive me if I have forgotten to write your name. Please know it is always written in my heart.

To my New Vrindaban family: Varshana Swami, Kuladri, Malati, Jai Murari, Muktakesh, Ekavali and Vrindaban Prabhu, Mother Dhara, Mother Rupa, Mudhakari, Krsna Bhava, Krpamaya, Saci Mata and Pita, Gopish, Kalindi, Mangalananda, Nityoditta, Ria, Mother Ruci, Sankirtan, Rupanuga, Vani, Raghunath, Yamuna, Tulsi, Advaita, Madri, Gopa, Damodar, Vidya, Madhava Ghosh, Lajavati, Sudhanu, Manasaganga, Rukmavati and Pradyumna. I always feel I have a home to come back to as long as you are all there. See you at the next festival!



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