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Beloved Visitor, I would like to personally welcome you to my online home.

This site has been long-time in the making and it is my deep pleasure to welcome you. I would like to invite you on a journey through devotional music and stories with me. On this site you can purchase/sample my music, get to know me personally by following my blog and stories from the road, learn about my lineage and my Gurus, as well as stay up to date with my performances via the regularly updated calendar and much more.
Thank you for all your lovely voices! -Karnamrita Dasi.

Dedication: In loving memory of my mother Kunti Devi. In 1998, as my mother was passing away, she requested me to take singing seriously and record. Although I had already studied Sanskrit and sung Bhajans for 28 years, in our Ashram, I was apprehensive without proper training. That same year, I took her ashes to India, and searched for a teacher to begin studying the classical singing art of Dhrupad. My two teachers, Pandit Vidur Malik and Tarun Krsna Das... continue reading


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